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So what will it be?

What can i choose?


Price List:


*10 mins: £80

15 mins: £120

20 mins: £160

30 mins: £200

Please note that if you want **forced orgasm added to the video (external vibrator/wand only) or spanking that this will add an extra charge of £40

If you want Kitty to wear something she doesn't own this will add an extra charge dependent on price of article.

i want more than one bondage babe:

We hear you! More people being tied up = more fun!

Subject to availability and time, we can collaborate with others. A minimum extra charge of £50 per extra performer hired will apply (rates will depend on model booked and length of film.)

i don't want anyone else to see my video:

It's your baby and it's precious to you - we get it! If you want your video to be exclusively for you and not resold, the basic price is doubled. Otherwise we will leave it 3 months before uploading elsewhere, we're nice that way!

*   All custom orders require a 50% deposit via paypal, the balance is to be paid by 2 weeks prior to the shoot date quoted.

** Kitty is 80% likely to squirt with the use of the wand/external vibrator - due to this all scenes involving it will require nudity.


Living Room/Bedroom, Floor/Bed


Up to you and your imagination! But here are some ideas...

Catsuit, Beautiful Lace Lingerie, Silky Nightie, Gymwear, Vest top and Jeans, Turtleneck jumper, Girl next door dress, Nothing at all!


The really fun part! You can choose from - gags: ball gag, harness ball gag, muzzle gag, ball gag, cleave gag, tape gag, inflatable gag, microfoam gag, stuffed mouth - Kitty really loves to drool!

Rope - How do you want Kitty tied? We can do wrist ties, elbow ties, leg ties, ankle ties, chest harnesses, hogties or even a full coccoon! This rope bunny loves to struggle!

Fun - Do you want to humiliate Kitty? Tickle her? Spank her? Make her do tongue twisters gagged? Let us know!


It's your movie, you can write us an entire story if you wish! We love to shoot your ideas!

Previous custom scenarios include: Kitty the unruly schoolgirl is taught a lesson, Kitty is interviewed for a private stripper job and Kitty shows off her turtleneck and Bandanas!

But don't worry if you don't want to write the story, just let us know the above actors, and we'll script your masterpiece for you!

Please note: We don't do serious pain play, sexual interactivity (except for the use of an external vibrator/wand, tickling and spanking) or anything involving bodily fluids (excluding drool and Kitty's juices of course!) And everything must be entirely consensual. We have to look after our Kitty!

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